Thursday, 16 November 2017

Thursday, November 16, 2017

I have been coming across a lot of interesting new stuff on Facebook & want to keep it where I can find it again, so I am going to be doing some cross posting here. I have been checking a lot of interesting new stuff on a place called  "The Shift Network". They have a lot of interesting article on past-life regression & many other spiritual areas. Another I like is Mindvalley. One thing I always do with these online things, is take whatever I find useful that is free. When they start trying to sell me stuff, I un-subscribe. YouTube also has a ton of useful free article & videos on Yoga, reincarnation, stress & just about any subject you can possibly think of.

Oh & hey, if you are looking for a Christmas gift for that impossible to buy for someone, Here's an amazing & inexpensive deal, Allen's apple juice is approx. $3 for a 1.89 L. bottle & you can get a free personalized calendar (you get to choose the photos), & it even included free shipping! How awesome is that?! Here's the address:  Me, I love personalized gifts, they're amazingly special, but they are often prohibitively expensive.

I have been trying out yoga the last year or 2, but its difficult for me, with my health issues. A Facebook friend recently introduced me classes on the dance craze that Miley Cyrus made crazy popular, "twerking". It looks interesting & fun, also difficult & painful. The jury is still out on that. Plus, this: 
On another note, I now officially have a new favoiurite meal, the no-carb BLT! Here's a link to the website:
And here's my video of my 1st adventure making this (this video is also available on my YouTube page):  

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