Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Its a beautiful day today, so I took some pics of Mount Baker. I have a great view in my new place in Mission, BC.
I bought some new shirts yesterday, at the Dollar Tree in Abbotsford. Here's one:

Monday, 17 April 2017

Monday, April 17, 2017

Hope those of you that celebrate Easter had a wonderful long weekend. I haven't posted anything since before Christmas, so I figured it was time to get off my ass & blog already.

It occurred to me that I should be sharing more of the stuff here, that I generally share on Facebook. Here's an interesting article on the rash of "religious liberty" & "bathroom" bills cropping up across the US.
A couple of interesting articles on women's rights as they are reflected in public nudity laws:

And several lists of new, interesting films that have come out recently, on SXSW & other places.
And something new & interesting looking on Netflix:

I just learned something cool, did you know that we can make roads with recycled plastic?

On a somewhat sad note, the author of one of my all-time favourite books "Zen &the art of motorcycle maintenance" has passed away.

I saw a wonderful new video on Facebook today & I just had to share it. Also, Pennington's has 2 beautiful songs that you can download for free! You can watch the video here:

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

It's that time of the year again. Thanksgiving is over & its time for me to share a lot of awesome Christmas shows (mostly on YouTube), for those of us who do not have cable.

A Muppet Family Christmas, the first Henson holiday creation I ever watched (I think), has them all, The Muppets (from the 80s TV show), the Fraggles & the muppets from Sesame street. I love this show & still watch it every year!

Christmas Eve on Sesame street:

The Snowman, introduced by the late David Bowie.
And its sequel, The Snowman & the snowdog:

John Denver & the Muppets, a Christmas together (1979)

An older favourite from when my kids were little, Santa & the 3 bears

This one is from 1988 & features the title tune sung by Canada's Valdy, Bluetoes!

Mole's Christmas is adapted form Wind in the Willows.

This newer holiday show is sure to give you a chuckle, Olive the other Reindeer.

Christopher the Christmas tree:

The original Rudolph:

A Charlie Brown Christmas:

Its Christmastime again, Charlie Brown:

A Garfield Christmas:

Frosty the snowman:

And the sequel, Frosty's Winter Wonderland:

And while this isn't exactly holiday themed, I still think it fits here as being somewhat wintery. Do you remember watching the Woody Woodpecker show & there was cute 5 minute short in between Woody's episodes, called "Chilly Willy", a little penguin? Well, you can check them out again, here:

Monday, 14 November 2016

Monday, November 14, 2016

I am starting something new @ Michaelann's Photography. I have a new software program, that can make any photograph, into a personalized animated GIF, with snow falling! Or I can make it into a short animated video, complete with sound effects or music. 

I am also offering personalized Christmas cards, 10 for $10, with your own photo on them. And a free video, complete with sound effects or music. 

I even have a new program that can take your favourite photograph & make an animated wallpaper, with snow or butterflies, whatever you like, plus sound effects!

I have been an amateur /family photographer for over 30 years, my work is now available for sale, at very affordable prices. I have 2 websites where you can view some of my work, my prices are $10 for 8" x 10"s or 8 1/2" x 11 1/2". I have a limited number of 11" x 14", for $15. These websites show a sample of my work, I have lots more! 

Contact info: Michaelann Dahlman (604)-901-8447  email:

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Tuesday, September 27,2016.

A little nugget of information on why Canada & the US have different Thanksgiving dates. Got this article from a local free newspaper "The Penny Express" in 2010.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I have been an atheist since I was about 8 or 9 & I have been a Buddhist since I was 16. 
I found some very interesting articles on Buddhism on Huffington Post. And I also found some interesting articles on re-incarnation online. I shared them of Facebook a few days ago, but they have been "improving" (insert sarcasm font here LOL) Facebook, so that it is more difficult to find anything older than a few days on my (& other's feeds). So I decided that I should post them here, so that I can always find them again.

Here's an article by George Takei, who was raised Buddhist:

I really have to try & find this book. The artwork is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful!!

The Buddhist & the neuroscientist, stdudies on what compassion does to the brain.

An interesting article on the 1st Buddhist monastery in the US for ordaining both monks & nuns.

2 articles on the very 1st Zen temple to officiate same-sex marriages in Japan:

For 25 years, a Buddhist monk in north-east Thailand, Phrakru Pitak Nanthakthun has conducted ceremonies to “ordain” trees, which he said he hopes will bring an end to deforestation and the decline of the environment.

Matthieu Ricard, biochemist & Buddhist monk,believes he has unlocked the seceret to happiness & it may help save the environment:

Ani Choying and Tibbetts recorded an album of meditative Buddhist chant and singing titled Cho, with Tibbetts providing a diaphanous soundscape. The album took its title from the tantric Buddhist practice of intense meditation and visualisation.

After decades of rule by an oppressive communist government, which destroyed hundreds of Buddhist monasteries, burned ancient texts and executed thousands of lamas, Mongolia transitioned to a constitutional government with a parliament and an elected president in 1990. With this change came the opportunity to revive the country’s Buddhist community, to which end the Grand Maitreya Project aims to serve.

What if the chants emanating from a Buddhist temple were actually rap lyrics and the intricate mandalas were actually graffiti?
That’s how Gomyo, an American Buddhist priest living in Japan, envisions the future of his faith. Born Kevin Seperic, Gomyo began rapping in the 1990s and got introduced to Buddhism when he moved to Japan in 1994. Now he’s spearheading a movement called “Hoodie Monks“ to use hip hop as a vehicle for Buddhism practice and education.
ARTICLES on re-incarnation:

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

"There is room for you: Tales from a transgender defender's heart" by Zoe Dolan.
A review by Michaelann C. F. Dahlman

I am just reading Zoe Dolan's "There is room for you: Tales from a transgender defender's heart", for the 2nd time. I just got it last month & in the interest of full disclosure, Zoe Dolan did offer me a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. 

It is difficult for me to express in words, what a wonderous delight this book was to read. It's heart-felt & passionate, I have learned more about being a trans woman; as well as much about the nature of life & love. I once dreamed of becoming a Constitutional lawyer like Zoe, myself. And I enjoyed hitch hiking across Canada & the US as a teen, before I settled down. Reading of Zoe's worldly travels was fascinating. This book felt like coming home. 

This book is an epic journey into the depths of another person’s soul. It’s illuminating, thoughtful, insightful & brilliant. It is definitely a fascinating read, if you are curious about gender identity, the transitioning process, or about travel, law school, writing, the business of being a lawyer, love, hope or joy. It was so rich & complex, I am currently re-reading it, as I am having a difficult time remembering some parts. Zoe has lead an amazing & complicated  life, lived in many different countries & has a brave & resilient heart.

It is probably my 2nd favourite book ever, after Kurt Vonnegut jr.'s "Breakfast of Champions", which I have read close to 200 times since 1979. And I generally read well over 100 books, every year.

I highly recommend this book.