Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Swimming is great exercise

It’s that time of year again, the pool is open & I am enjoying the water. I did some research on Spark People & myfitnesspal, to find out how many calories I was burning.

According to both of them, 30 minutes of swimming the breast stroke, burns approximately 400 calories!! (Happy dance!)  

I had Robert time me this morning & I apparently do a lap in our pool (which we measured & is 31 feet long), in 20 seconds. So I did the math, & 45 laps = approx. 200 calories.

My intention last fall in buying the exercise bike, was primarily to help me (us), from getting really out of shape over the winter. It seems to have helped, as my 1st day out (Saturday), I did 50 laps. I think last summer I started the season at 10 or 20 laps. So it does appear to have helped.

This is a photo from September 2012. I will update with a current photo as soon as possible.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

My husband & I have been dealing with an annoying cold/flu bug all month, which morphed into sinusitis for him & bronchitis for me Very annoying, since it has made it very difficult for me to exercise, which of course makes losing weight more difficult. 

I've been downloading a ton of free e-books lately & audio programs, many of which are designed to help with weight loss. So while recuperating, I've been reading & researching, since my current methods have not produced much in the way of long term results. 

I've only ridden the exercise bike twice this week, 7 miles on Monday & 5 miles tonight. I am going to try & ride every morning for at least 5 miles.

And with the Victoria Day weekend coming soon, I am really looking forward to our building's pool opening for the season!! 

These gifs are the main reason I miss MSN messenger. You can't add your own custom smileys on Yahoo or Skype. I obtained these cuties & many others on my favourite free graphics site , which appears to be gone. I have been trying to go there for over a month.
I just downloaded Microsoft Movie Maker, to do some editing on a video we made recently. I was quite surprised that it doesn't come with Windows 7. I designed a new video that I am hoping will help motivate me this year.