Saturday, 3 May 2014

My husband & I have been dealing with an annoying cold/flu bug all month, which morphed into sinusitis for him & bronchitis for me Very annoying, since it has made it very difficult for me to exercise, which of course makes losing weight more difficult. 

I've been downloading a ton of free e-books lately & audio programs, many of which are designed to help with weight loss. So while recuperating, I've been reading & researching, since my current methods have not produced much in the way of long term results. 

I've only ridden the exercise bike twice this week, 7 miles on Monday & 5 miles tonight. I am going to try & ride every morning for at least 5 miles.

And with the Victoria Day weekend coming soon, I am really looking forward to our building's pool opening for the season!! 

These gifs are the main reason I miss MSN messenger. You can't add your own custom smileys on Yahoo or Skype. I obtained these cuties & many others on my favourite free graphics site , which appears to be gone. I have been trying to go there for over a month.
I just downloaded Microsoft Movie Maker, to do some editing on a video we made recently. I was quite surprised that it doesn't come with Windows 7. I designed a new video that I am hoping will help motivate me this year.

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