Saturday, 14 December 2013

Today's the 14th, getting things happening for the holidays. I crossed the border yesterday, got the last of the presents mailed off. We have the tree up & decorated.
I have been designing some of our own Christmas cards again this year. I wasn't sure I was going to continue doing it, given that Picnik closed & I loved some of the special effects they had, like this:

But some new sites that I've recently found, have some really beautiful & amazing Christmas frames & I am quite happy with them.

In other news, I rode 7 miles on my exercise bike this morning, a new personal best for me! We bought it in late August, to help us both stay in better shape, during the nasty weather.
It does seem to have been helpful. I am pushing myself a bit, as I am having a lot of trouble losing weight & getting in better shape & I know that given my upcoming foot surgery in January, it is bound to be a challenging time.

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