Friday, 12 September 2014

September 12, 2014.

Yesterday was an interesting day. I woke up in pain as I often do. Took my medications & went back to bed for 1/2 an hour. After making coffee & getting my sweetheart up, I jumped on a bus & went to the University of the Fraser Valley Abbotsford campus, to get 2 free cans of Coke. If you are curious about the share a coke program, you can get more information here:
A lot of the dates are already past, but not all of them. 

Because I have a fairly unique name, I can't get the cool personalized pens or Christmas ornaments, that people with more regular names can easily do, at the dollar store. There are places you can special order them, but that can get expensive (I usually wait for the deals!)

Then I went to the women's food bank, & missed a bus & couldn't make it in time to go to the Salvation Army for free veggies. But overall, a pretty good morning. Except that I managed to gash my wrist on the sign at the bus stop at the University.

Then hubby & I did some shopping. One the way home from shopping, we were waiting for the bus home at 7 Oaks mall, when I got stung. I am not sure by what, as it stung me in the back & Robert was a ways away & didn't see it. All he saw was a tiny bump (like a mosquito bite), so I took another Benadryl & we went home. About an hour later, I started noticing that my breathing was becoming laboured & my lips & tongue were swollen. I called the nurse's hotline, they recommended calling 911 & going to the hospital. The nurse told me to get Robert to give me my shot first. I freaked out & couldn't do it!
At the hospital they asked questions, examined my vital signs, observed me for a while & gave me another anti-histamine. Then they let us go home. So, all in all, an interesting day. Mostly good, but. I learned something new, while at the hospital. If I take an anti-histamine & my reaction is getting worse, I can take a different one (say for instance, Zyrtec & Benadryl). I never knew that before, so it is handy information to have.

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