Friday, 26 September 2014

Friday, September 26, 2014

I just woke up & looking outside at the pool (closed now for the season, until Victoria day 2015), missing those raccoons. We had 2 raccoons in our swimming pool last fall (Oct. 13,2013), they've been seen in the courtyard by other tenants, but this was the only time anyone has ever seen them in the pool. We were getting ready for bed when Robert looked out the window & saw them in the pool. I got dressed, grabbed the video camera & took a couple of videos, Robert took 2 with his I-Pod. I joined them all together using a freeware program called All Free Video Joiner, which you can get for free (along with a lot of other useful audio & video software, all freeware as well), at:

There were 6 raccoons all together, 4 of them were hiding in the bushes, they left when I tried to get them on film. I generally check at least once every evening, hoping they will come back, but I never saw them again. A couple of days ago I realized why they might have left the area. Next door to our complex is a house, next to them is a big lot, which used to be wild, trees, blackberry bushes, etc. But they have cut most of the trees, they are putting up some condos. So perhaps the raccoons were living there & got scared away. Or if they lived in the wooded hillside behind our complex, the noise might have scared them away. Or they might have chosen to leave if their normal food sources left, because of the building racket.

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