Sunday, 23 November 2014

Sunday, November 23, 2104

I was just playing a new game that I got for free, when I realized I have never mentioned this site in my blog!  The original site is called giveaway of the day, & can be found here: They give away all kinds of amazing free software here. The only downside to it is this; because you are getting the software for free, you do not get any free upgrades or tech support. You must install it the same day you downloaded it. And if your computer crashes & you have to re-format (or get a new computer), you are out of luck. But it can be really good way to test drive stuff, which you can later choose to buy.

They also have a site called game giveaway of the day, but I have noticed in recent years that some days they do not have a new game. But, they have a list of apps, phone games, which is new. Their address, is:

I also have 2 really cool sites that have tons of free full games, that I really enjoy. I will list those here, as well.

I have a few others, I will update this list later.

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