Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Tuesday, May 17, 2016.


This article reminds me of one of my favourite religious jokes. 
God came down to the Garden of Eden to give his 2 favorite creations some very special gifts. As soon as he started explaining this, Adam became very excitied."What are they? What are they?" When God told them the 1st gift was the ability to pee standing up, Adam wanted the gift, right away! "Now Adam, you should wait until you have heard both choices & discuss it with Eve." God said. "No, I am sure I want this one." Adam replied. "Well, all right then. If you're absolutely sure." God waved his hand & Adam ran off to water the nearest tree. Eve smiles, rolls her eyes & says "So what's my special gift, God?" And he smiles at her & says "Multiple orgasms, my dear."

I have been following Zoe Dolan's writing for a couple of years now, having first discovered her via a video on UpWorthy. I am currently writing a review of her autobiography "There is room for you:Tales from a transgender defender's heart."

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