Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I have been an atheist since I was about 8 or 9 & I have been a Buddhist since I was 16. 
I found some very interesting articles on Buddhism on Huffington Post. And I also found some interesting articles on re-incarnation online. I shared them of Facebook a few days ago, but they have been "improving" (insert sarcasm font here LOL) Facebook, so that it is more difficult to find anything older than a few days on my (& other's feeds). So I decided that I should post them here, so that I can always find them again.

Here's an article by George Takei, who was raised Buddhist:

I really have to try & find this book. The artwork is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful!!

The Buddhist & the neuroscientist, stdudies on what compassion does to the brain.

An interesting article on the 1st Buddhist monastery in the US for ordaining both monks & nuns.

2 articles on the very 1st Zen temple to officiate same-sex marriages in Japan:

For 25 years, a Buddhist monk in north-east Thailand, Phrakru Pitak Nanthakthun has conducted ceremonies to “ordain” trees, which he said he hopes will bring an end to deforestation and the decline of the environment.

Matthieu Ricard, biochemist & Buddhist monk,believes he has unlocked the seceret to happiness & it may help save the environment:

Ani Choying and Tibbetts recorded an album of meditative Buddhist chant and singing titled Cho, with Tibbetts providing a diaphanous soundscape. The album took its title from the tantric Buddhist practice of intense meditation and visualisation.

After decades of rule by an oppressive communist government, which destroyed hundreds of Buddhist monasteries, burned ancient texts and executed thousands of lamas, Mongolia transitioned to a constitutional government with a parliament and an elected president in 1990. With this change came the opportunity to revive the country’s Buddhist community, to which end the Grand Maitreya Project aims to serve.

What if the chants emanating from a Buddhist temple were actually rap lyrics and the intricate mandalas were actually graffiti?
That’s how Gomyo, an American Buddhist priest living in Japan, envisions the future of his faith. Born Kevin Seperic, Gomyo began rapping in the 1990s and got introduced to Buddhism when he moved to Japan in 1994. Now he’s spearheading a movement called “Hoodie Monks“ to use hip hop as a vehicle for Buddhism practice and education.
ARTICLES on re-incarnation:

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