Friday, 23 August 2013

Being disabled, I spend a lot of time online. Email, Facebook, Yahoo messenger, Skype/MSN messenger. I even have a free google phone to make long distance calls, in Canada & the US.

You can learn a lot of interesting things online. Recipes, new ways of doing just about anything. Recently, I saw a couple of posts on Facebook about growing food from scraps. Seems like a very eco-friendly, environmentally friendly idea. But how practical is it & does it really work? I don't see growing green onions from the white bulb end, because to me, it's the best tasting part! I have grown them from dried bulbs, there's a little Indian vegetable market that carries them in the spring. So I decided to try celery. This won't work if you buy loose stocks or pre-cut celery.
You start with a full bunch of celery, still attached. Cut off about1" - 2" from the bottom. Place it in a plant pot, water it every day or 2, still it next to a window, so it gets some sunshine.

In about a week, this should be what you see:

Saturday, September  14, 2013
Update: I forgot to water the celery every day & it died. I may try again next year,
I don't know. I think I am about done for this year.

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